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ILumina: art object as a path to harmony

On April 19, Moscow will be opened in Moscow by the Urban Dreams exhibition, which will be brought to the audio-visual sculpture of Ilumina. Thanks to her, participants will be able to not only observe an unusual light show, but also feel the state of harmony and internal balance.

Art Therapy is a popular direction in modern psychology, a way of correcting an internal state, getting rid of neurosis through creative experience. There are many methods-from art to musical and dance-motor therapy. Their advantage in the possibility of independent use without consultation with a specialist.

Interaction with art objects is also one of the forms of art therapy, during which you can experience different emotions and find an internal balance. For this, Ilumina was created-an audio-visual sculpture, which will be brought to Moscow for the first time at the Urban Dreams party. Ilumina reads impulses and reproduces on their basis the visual series. It was first introduced in 2017 at the Burning Man multistrovesty festival, which is held annually in the USA in the Black Rock desert.

This is the first foreign art object with Open-Eira who will come to Russia

. It was created by Pablo Gonzalez Vargas, a Mexican designer and founder of the cult art group Mayan Warrior. He has long been experimenting in various creative areas, organizing unusual performances and concerts. Ilumina invention has become a new creative experience for him.

This interactive audio-visual sculpture is activated by the beating of a “collective heart”: the structure literally revives the hearts of people connected to it during the session using special sensors.

By entering into interaction with an art object, all participants can plunge into a state of harmony with themselves, with each other and the universe. Sensors measure vibrations that transform into a light show and a kind of sound rhythm. Participants in the Burning Man festival admit that they survived the mystical experience, felt unity with the planet, the existence of a common energy field.

Since the rhythms of the hearts of participants change throughout the session, the light show looks very dynamic

Here is what Vargas himself tells about Ilumina: “This is a complex mechanism that combines the medical effect with the meditative. It captures vibrations and internal frequencies that the body broadcasts. The process resembles training on a treadmill, only there the device reads the pace, and here is a heartbeat. It not only shows the pulse, but also transfers other impulses – how we interact with the outside world.

All participants entering the collective dialogue with Ilumina are immersed in a state of meditation. The task of the sculpture is to establish contact between the heart and the mind. Since the rhythms of the hearts of participants change throughout the session, the light show looks very dynamic. Thanks to vibration sensors, they are converted into MIDI signals that are associated with the program inside the sculpture responsible for light and sound. We have developed 14 audio-visual variations that change all the time in different sequences, depending on which signals are sent by the session participants ”.

Ilumina will become the central exhibit of the Urban Dreams party, the format of which this year will expand to a two-week Pop-up exhibition. Its peculiarity is the combination of various forms of art, experiments with urban space and interiors. This event demonstrates how much the boundaries between art areas, ordinary life and creativity, material and metaphysical are erased in the modern world.

The party will allow everyone to try themselves as an artist, to become an accomplice in the creative process. POP-UP art space Bombay Canvas by Urban Dreams will open on Friday April 19 by a large-scale costume festival Urban Dreams and will be available for visiting for two weeks. The loft premises will become simultaneously a workshop, a gallery, an apartment and a bar – a space of a new format, which also reflects the concept of the exhibition.

“We call it a pearl, the heart of the exhibition and organize it“ tour ”for other countries – after she will go to Romania, Israel. She, like other art objects that guests will see, will help everyone discover the artist, wake up creative energy, ”the organizer of the exhibition tells about Ilumina, and Monville.

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